Getting Started

Follow these steps to get your openM2 system up and running:

Step#1: Check System Requirements

Please prepare and install the required server environment and check if your client meets the defined requirements.



  • Webbrowser: supported on Internet Explorer - V. 7,8,9 and Firefox - V. 9, 10
  • Java Script and Cookies must be activated in order to run openM2 properly in your browser

Step#2: Installation

Now start with the installation process:

  • Download the Installation-Package from Sourceforge (here)
  • Download the Installation-Documentation (here) and follow the instructions

Note that a typical first installation of openM2 takes about 15 minutes. The installation is fairly easy but we will work on making this procedure even more comfortable for you in the future. We are planning to publish an installation video in the future.

Please feel welcome to contact us in case you need any assistance.